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Lashing Service

Lashing is the process of keeping the safety of your goods by a safety belt just like like buckling ourselves in a car against possible injuries in accidents. We fix and...

In-Port Services

Special Project Lashing, CNTR and Flat Rack Lashing, Lashing on Ship, Lashing In Warehouse, Canvas Application & Packing of Bare Goods, Planning of Project Cargo..


Fumigation is an internationally defined process of blocking the transfer of harmful living things and their potential damage on the goods which are exported or...

About Us

Our company Erosistem Group Logistics was established in 1998. Erosistem Group has been operating in his new institutional form since 2009. We serve in Turkish ports, ships, and factories for the operations of lashing, unlashing, canvas application, boxing, packing, handling and inspection by our expert and well-experienced staff. We operate all of the services within high quality directly by our expert staff. We use the standards defined by the relevant international and national organizations for…

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