Our company Erosistem Group Logistics was established in 1998. Erosistem Group has been operating in his new institutional form since 2009. We serve in Turkish ports, ships, and factories for the operations of lashing, unlashing, canvas application, boxing, packing, handling and inspection by our expert and well-experienced staff.

We operate all of the services within high quality directly by our expert staff. We use the standards defined by the relevant international and national organizations for the safety of loading.

In additon to be the pioneer applicant of the developments and renovations in the logistics sector, we satisfy the necessity of our customers and present integrated solutions by being the creator of processes, strengthening our position, and using the necessary technology and materials.

Erosistem Group pointed his vision as being the leader in the sector by focusing on customer care, consistent development, teamwork, quality, social responsibility, professional management system, environmental awareness, conformity to technological renovations and sharing.

Our services are programmed by considering the customer satisfaction, the standards and technical documents requested by the customer or the relevant official documents.

The mission of each of us is to complete the operation/service within the correct time limit and high quality by using the correct method.

Our service is provided in a 24/7 environment. We look forward to assisting you with our excellent operation processes.